The Gulf War and the state of the Catholic Church today

February 1, 1991

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

So we are into 1991 and into the Gulf War. There is much to fear. Now matters military and political are not the Church's immediate domain, and events can take unexpected turns, but there are underlying factors which do not change. Let us take a few supernatural sight-lines.

Most naturally, one may fear bloodshed, especially of kith and kin. Now as the attack on Iraq began, pilots could be heard on our radios describing the dropping of bombs like the scoring of goals in a football game, but the bombardment has caused no immediate surrender and in at least one institution of the American military the mood is turning from euphoric to serious as they realize the war will not be over in a week. So without predicting the course of such an unpredictable as war, one may fear the battlefield turning from football-field into killing-field.

As World War Il raged, a privileged soul in Italy who could converse with Our Lord, complained to him of the number of young men being cut off in the prime of life. Yes, replied Our Lord, but think how many of them will save their souls this way who living on in a sinful peace would certainly have lost them. Good news from Saudi Arabia is that the chaplains are working hard. Catholics must pray that the war be the occasion for many souls to be saved, and that does not exclude one's enemies.

Secondly, behind the Gulf War one may fear Russia. Russia's military help to Iraq is well-known; not only a mass of tanks, radar-transmitters and rockets, etc., but also thousands of "technical assistants" to operate them, and, for instance, an outstanding tank warfare General to guide and ensure the swift success of the original invasion of Kuwait. What is less well-known is Russia's military help to the United States: for instance, the reported lending of two heavy transport ships to help get U.S. war material across the Atlantic, and the revealing to Secretary of State James Baker in Moscow in October of key information concerning that same Russian war material supplied to the Iraqis.

It becomes easy to imagine Russia playing at balancing the war which way she likes by supplying further equipment to the Iraqis or further information to the Americans. Certainly it is in Russia's interest not only to see Iraq destroyed as an obstacle between herself and the Oil Gulf, but also to see destroyed as much as possible of the American forces that stand between Russia and the invasion of Europe, and also to have world attention diverted from her own brutality in her Baltic front-yard. "...If my requests are heeded (for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart and the five first Saturdays' Communion of Reparation), Russia will be converted and there will be peace. If not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church... " (Second Secret of Fatima).

May we not fear then that as World War II pretended to be making the world safe for democracy but in fact was making it safe for Communism (e.g. the take-over of Eastem Europe), so the Gulf War pretends to be in defence of Kuwait (since when did democracy there get a fair sheikh ? ) but is in fact designed to kill with one stone two - or three - obstacles to the advance of International Socialism?

Supernaturally, one must reply that the Western nations have only themselves to blame for their suicidal blindness if Russia marches through the now unguarded gateway to Europe. This blindness comes from their apostasy and their materialism whereby they, are gravely offending God. Communism is no more nor less than a divine scourge permitted by God to embody His justice. While then nobody in his right mind may rejoice in the suffering as such which it causes, one may well rejoice in any salutary shock administered to the once Christian nations such as may awaken them from their sinful Slumber. Such an awakening is the necessary prelude to the triumph of the Immaculate Heart, also promised by Our Lady at Fatima.

However, behind the Gulf War and even behind Russia, may one not, thirdly, fear the looming figure of the Anti-Christ? Before hostilities are over in the Gulf, expect Israel to be looking to "solve" the Palestinian problem by removing King Hussein of Jordan, by turning Jordan into a client Palestinian state and by forcibly moving there all Palestinians from Gaza and the West Bank, to "make room" for the Jewish immigrants from Russia (cf. Washington Post, August 26, 1990). Imagine how such an idea appeals to the Arabs ! In which case one understands why so many friends of Israel in the U.S.A. were and are whooping for the United States to break the Arab strong-man.

Supernaturally seen, such a scenario, capable of many adaptations, represents one more in many steps of the Jewish people towards their appointment with God at the end of the world, when, maybe converted by the heroism and endurance of the Catholics undergoing persecution by their Anti-Christ, they will at last convert (Romans XI) and discover their own true Messiah, Jesus Christ, who has never ceased to love them as his own people. However, until they re-discover their true Messianic vocation, they may be expected to continue fanatically agitating, in accordance with their false messianic vocation of Jewish world-dominion, to prepare the Anti-Christ's throne in Jerusalem. So we may fear their continuing to play their major part in the agitation of the East and in the corruption of the West. Here the wise Catholic will remember that, again, the ex-Christian nations have only their own Liberalism to blame for allowing free circulation within Christendom to the enemies of Christ. As these make society more and more oppressively anti-Christian, he will profit to raise his sights above this world and look to the things of heaven –“When these things begin to come to pass, look up, and lift up your heads, for your redemption is at hand” (Lk XXI,28). Remembering also that Anas and Caiphas induced but never obligated Judas to betray Jesus, and that the Apostle's betrayal was a crime far worse than the Jews' deicide, He will look at the state of the Catholic Church today, and see why the enemies of Christendom are being given so much power....

The mainstream Novus Ordo church is falling apart. There are recent signs in Canada of current priestly difficulties reaching up to a higher level, which fits Novus Ordo doctrine. When I teach that all sin is social, what individual behavior is still sinful? In at least one American seminary, crucifixes are having to be replaced with "resurrexifixes", and seminarians' spiritual direction is by women. In New York, besides spiritual direction, women are also taking over visiting of the sick and diocesan administration - when they are sufficiently in control, they plan to declare that they can say Mass.

The conservative Novus Ordo is little better. "Opus Dei" attracts decent Catholics in distress, pushes a pacifier of conservative appearances into their spiritual mouths, and then feeds them a pro-capitalist, pro-banks, pro One-World doctrine of worldliness that is the same Revolution, only better disguised.

As for the "traditional" branch of the Novus Ordo, it is paralysed by internal contradiction. As head of "Ecclesia Dei", Cardinal Mayer wrote recently to an American layman that Mass said facing the people, or with the 1970 Lectionary, is not an unlawful intermingling of rites; whereupon Novus Ordo priests obviously feel free to import into the Indult Mass little doses of the Novus Ordo; which makes the true Mass as attractive as a barrel of whisky with a little gasoline poured into it; which chases away souls thirsty for Tridentine whisky; which enables "obedient" bishops to close down the Indult distillery they never wanted open in the first place. Rename it - the Indulterated Mass.

Similarly, a St. Peter's Fraternity priest tried last March to use his "Ecclesia Dei" Tridentine permit in St. Peter's Basilica, Rome, to say the Tridentine Mass. Permission refused. The priest - reasonably - complains to "Ecclesia Dei". "Ecclesia Dei" in April consults the Vatican Secretary of State. May 1990 the Holy Office comes back to Ecclesia Dei with the answer: in St. Peter's Basilica, what the Basilica authorities say, goes. Ecclesia Dei is at the 24-hour mercy of the local bishops.

As for St. Peter's Fraternity, I am told that its Seminary in Wigratzbad recently lost thirty one seminarians including thirteen Americans (I cannot vouch for these figures), whether by its choice or theirs. Those who chose to leave gave apparently a variety of reasons, for instance the introduction of subtle little items of the Novus Ordo. Poor St. Peter's ! As the product of a cross between the noble steed of Tradition and the asinine Novus Ordo, they should have known that mules cannot produce little ones, but then they would not listen to Archbishop Lefebvre's horse sense!

In brief, conditions are worsening, the rape of the official Church continues at speed, the individual Catholic within it has no institutional pick-up or back-up. Of the official Church one may come to say: in the framework is death.

For refreshment, take a few long draughts of another interview given recently by Archbishop Lefebvre, enclosed. It comes to you without divisions or sub-headings, but there are a few high-lightings. What is not Catholic whisky is horse sense, and what is not horse sense is Catholic whisky!

Alas, it is not certain he will be able to visit Winona in the spring (it would be around April 15 to 20), but it is certain that four present deacons are scheduled for ordination to the priesthood at Winona by Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta on Saturday, June 22 of this year. As last year, Northwest Airlines are offering a special 5 - 40% discount on air fares to and from Rochester, MN, or LaCrosse, WI, between June 15 and 29. For reservations call 1(800) 328-1111 between 7 am and 12 noon daily (Central Time), and quote the Identification Code number, 04531.

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And last but not least — for that is what this letter is primarily about — many thanks to all of you for your great support of the Seminary over the Christmas and New Year season. We are praying for all of your intentions, each day. Keep us in your prayers also, for we are in the thick of a spiritual desert storm, and we could more easily do without your pocket-books than we can do without your prayers.

God bless you, and give you many graces in Lent. It is by our fidelity and example that we will resist the enemies of Christ and finally overcome evil with good. Our Faith is our victory over the world.

Most sincerely yours in Christ,

+Richard Williamson