Religious liberty is a substitute religion

July 1, 1995

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

Since last month's letter attempted to dispel confusion, let us attempt to clear up a little confusion that it seems to have caused.

The letter enclosed a long quotation from a plea for contributions by a certain priest working in New York City in the 1980's. The letter interpreted this plea as showing the priest's spiritual and mental balance being threatened by the moral chaos in the big city all around him, and the letter argued that if the confusion of "sincere sinners" was enough to make the mind reel even of a Catholic priest conducting a high profile and apparently successful ministry, then the confusion must be a threat to all of us, and should be analyzed. The letter concluded by tracing the sincerity of "sincere sinners" back to religious liberty, on the grounds that that principle undermines every other principle in a man's mind.

Now for purposes of the letter's argument, the quotation could have come from any priest at all. And if he had a high profile ministry, and if in fact — as the letter hinted but refrained from saying - it is reported that the mentally "reeling" priest did afterwards morally fall, then in principle the letter's argument was only strengthened.

In practice, however, the choice of this particular priest to illustrate the argument confused some readers, especially in or around New York City where his story is best known. Such readers asked, did the Society of St. Pius X know what this priest was accused of? (Yes, it did). Did it know the evidence for these grave accusations being true? (Yes, it did). Then how could such a priest be held up for admiration? (Neither his downfall nor his confusion was held up for admiration, but only the good done by his ministry and his attempt to handle his confusion. Similarly Our Lord commended the unjust steward not for his injustice but for his prudence – (Lk XVI, 1-9). Is the Society then promoting the vices of priests? (In no way. If a man has any vice, does he then have no virtues?). But is the Society now appealing for funds for such priests? (In no way). Then why does the Society photo-copy and circulate an appeal from such a priest? (Merely because it illustrates well the mental confusion leading to moral chaos which the Society wishes to combat).

If some readers were confused by the letter's illustration, others may have been confused by its argument. For who can believe that the principle of religious liberty, on which modern nations are founded, is responsible for moral chaos? Yet it is. Moreover religious liberty is a substitute religion imperiling the eternal salvation of more souls than any other error today, especially since Vatican II enshrined religious liberty within the Catholic Church, so at the risk of making ourselves unpopular, let us once more explain.

The principle of religious liberty is the principle whereby all religions which contradict one another (for instance, Jesus Christ is, is not, true God; God really is, is not, present beneath the appearances of duly consecrated bread and wine), are welcomed to co-exist alongside one another. This means not just the practice of tolerating false religions as a necessary evil, something Catholics have always done whenever they could not change the world overnight, which was often, but it means the principle of leaving to one side the truth or falsity of all religions in order to found a new nation, a New World, a Newchurch, a better world, on a permanent and superior foundation of all religions accepting one another's not just existence, but right to exist. For instance yesterday Americans in the United States were (and still are) proud of having got over the religious wars tearing apart the Old World of Europe, by their new American way, and today — infinitely worse — Catholic Church leaders are proud of seeking to overcome religious strife and dissension throughout the world by their new ecumenical way.

Now religious liberty way well have enabled the inhabitants of the New World to harmonize all immigrants of mutually contradictory religions and to blend them into one nation, indeed many Americans will say the United States could not have been founded as a nation on any other corner-stone than religious liberty. Similarly today's Rome is counting on ecumenism to blend all the world's inhabitants into the Newchurch, and John-Paul II is insisting that there is no other way to world peace.

So mote it be. But there is a terrible price to pay. Be it the New World or the Newchurch, if in order to found the new nation or the New World Order I put peace and unity first, then, necessarily, I put truth and religion second. For if two people run in one race, both cannot win the gold medal; whoever comes in second must take the silver medal. If then I extinguish religious dissension by putting unity first, necessarily truth and religion must come in second or third.

But no religion worth the name can content itself with the silver medal. "I am a jealous God", says the Lord God of hosts, "and I will have no other gods before me". Therefore in a new Republic founded on religious liberty two things happen: firstly, what are called "religions" become a silver-medal side-show for Sunday mornings, even with Catholics, even with a number of "Traditional" Catholics! Secondly, what has been given the gold medal, namely national unity or the nation, becomes inevitably the real religion in men's lives, without the name of religion, but with all its substance: with President for Pope, with Capitol for Vatican, with Flag for cross, with Constitution for sacred text, etc, etc.. As Abraham Lincoln saw and said in his Springfield Lyceum speech of 1838, to fortify the young nation and to attach its people to their government, "Let reverence for the laws be breathed by every American mother, to the lisping babe, that prattles on her lap - let it be taught in schools, in seminaries, and in colleges; let it be written in Primers, spelling books, and in Almanacs;- let it be preached from the pulpit, proclaimed in legislative halls, and enforced in courts of justice. And, in short, let it become the political religion (Lincoln's underlining) of the nation; and let the old and the young, the rich and the poor, the grave and the cheerful, of all sexes and tongues, and colors and conditions, sacrifice unceasingly upon its altars".

Now of course Lincoln would have vigorously denied he was promoting here a religious religion, but he was promoting the unity of the nation that he later waged a war to save, and how could that unity be saved if his "political religion" did not take pride of place, or the gold medal? (Otherwise, back to Europe). So his religious language - "reverence", "sacrifice", "preached", "pulpit", "altars" - was no accident. He was promoting the secular religion of the new nation, just as John-Paul II is promoting the secular Catholicism (!) of the Newchurch, with the United Nations building for Vatican, with Declaration of Human Rights for sacred text, with United Nations flag for cross, etc, etc.. And that is how Lincoln's and John-Paul II's religious liberty becomes the substitute religion binding on all men.

But a religious religion must have the gold medal, or it is nothing. The true God takes first place, or he is a sham. In the same way truth cannot accept the silver or bronze medal. If I once put a lie in front of a single truth, all truth crumbles. One error in a multiplication table makes it worthless. One virus in a computer programme paralyzes the programme. Truth is as jealous as the Lord God Himself, because God is the Truth (Jn. XIV,6). Therefore in a new Republic or Newchurch putting unity before truth, similarly two things happen. Firstly, all truth, all thinking, everything of the mind or spirit is discredited, even with Catholics, even with many Traditional Catholics, so that in matters spiritual they refuse to think! Secondly, whatever has been preferred to the truth, either "patriotism" or charismatic globalism or whatever other feeling may be involved, takes the place of thinking. Men cease to be rational, and they become unmanly sentimentalists or animal clusters of emotion. Religious liberty makes wimps. Religious liberty causes feminism.

Thus religious liberty has terrible consequences, destroying religion, destroying truth, destroying reason, destroying men, and it explains countless features of the New World, of the Newchurch and of the coming New World Order. Religious liberty is, quite simply, man rising up in revolt against his Maker. Presently it is triumphing everywhere, thanks to the example of the United States, as the whole world is americanized, but thanks first and foremost to the Primate of all Catholics, presently blackening Mother Church's history in scandalous fashion, in order to please non-Catholics. As the Freemasons boasted towards the beginning of the last century, by gaining the Pope to their ideas they would spread Revolution to the four corners of the earth. But that triumph is hastening to its necessary self-destruction and collapse.

Helping in the collapse will be, we hope, the four young priests just ordained at Winona, all four from the United States and loving their country, but not one believing in the principle of religious liberty. However, we hasten to add, none of them have plans to persecute non-Catholics! In practice, as is well known from the colonial history of Maryland, Catholics are more tolerant of non-Catholics than the reverse. Our Lord has in practice more respect than his enemies have for the freedom that they talk about.

Also dedicated to the true service of the United States by the putting of absolute truth in first place are the Dominican Sisters of Idaho. The motto of the Dominican Order is "Veritas", or "Truth". The Sisters are rescuing in depth girls from moral chaos by filling their minds and hearts with Truth. They are creating what is most likely already the best girls' school in the United States. Enclosed is a second envelope and flyer to help them, in case you missed the first. They are still needing by the autumn $100,000. For these Sisters we are appealing for funds! St. Dominic's day is August 4th.

Dear Friends and Benefactors, may God bless you all with the fullness of truth in your minds and hearts, and with the love of truth, and may He repay you all for having sustained the Seminary through another successful school-year !

Most sincerely yours in Christ,