Voodoo and the infectious nature of insanity

March 1,1993

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

Insanity of the mind is like vice in morals: if it is not denounced, it becomes normal, and as it becomes normal, so more and more people are liable to be infected without even realizing it. Here is how Alexander Pope said it 250 years ago:

"Vice is a monster of so frightful mien, (i.e. appearance)
As, to be hated, needs but to be seen;
Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,
We first endure, then pity, then embrace."

This letter will denounce a particularly shocking piece of insanity, but after cursing the darkness will point to a lighted candle.

According to the Encyclopedia Americana,1953 edition, Vo1.28 page 184, Voodoo is "certain superstitious rites and beliefs current among negroes in some islands of the West Indies, particularly Haiti. Brought originally from West Africa; it was characterized by worship of the green snake, incoherent dances, and, sometimes, by human sacrifices. The secret ritual, which took place at night, was performed by a priest or priestess possessed of sufficient devilish skill to render them objects of wholesome dread. Their services were more often invoked in destructive than in curative offices. If a Negro desired to destroy an enemy, he sought the aid of voodoo, and in many cases the victim died from sheer fright."

From the Catholic Encyclopedia, 1913 edition, Vol. 6 page 57: "Voodooism is simply African fetishism transplanted to American soil. Authentic records are procurable of midnight meetings held in Haiti, as late as 1888, at which human beings, especially children, were killed and eaten at the secret feasts. European governments in Africa have put down the practice of the black art, yet so deeply is it implanted in the belief of the natives that Dr. Norris does not hesitate to say it would revive if the whites were to withdraw."

The same Encyclopedia, on fetishism in Africa, says on the previous page: "The fetish is used not only as a preventive of or defense against evil (i.e. `white art'), but also as a means of offence, i.e. `black art' or witchcraft in the full sense, which always connotes a possible taking of life... Those who practise the black art are all "wizards" or "witches"- names never given to practitioners of the white art. The user of the white art uses no concealment; a practitioner of the black art denies it, and carries on its practice secretly. The black art is supposed to consist of evil practices to cause sickness and death... Only a wizard can cause sickness or death. Hence witchcraft belief includes witchcraft murder."

Now listen to a believer in Vatican II addressing adherents of Voodooism in West Africa a few weeks ago: "...The Catholic Church looks favourably upon dialogue... The Second Vatican Council recognized that in the diverse religious traditions there is something true and good, the seeds of the Word... Everywhere our attitude is one of respect, respect for true values, wherever they may be found; respect especially for the person who seeks to love these values, helping to banish fear.

"You have a strong attachment to the traditions handed on by your ancestors. It is legitimate to be grateful to your forebears who passed on this sense of the sacred, belief in a single God who is good, a sense of celebration, esteem for the moral life and for harmony in society..."

Now go back and read the three quotations from the Encyclopedia, slowly, and read again the two quotations of the believer in Vatican II, slowly. Who is that believer in Vatican Two? Pope John Paul II. You do not believe it? After this letter, there is a word - for - word reproduction of the bottom half of page 7 of the Osservatore Romano, English weekly edition of February 10, 1993, including the official Vatican newspaper's sanitized account of voodooism! The mind can hardly cope with such a scandal.

The Vicar of Christ on earth shaking hands with, and paying homage to, the servants of Satan, and praising their good qualities? Over the years since Vatican II there may have been intrinsically worse scandals, but have any been so flagrant? The mind reels. Is the Pope in his right mind? Apparently, yes. He has been steadily treating the enemies of Christ like this for years. No wonder some Catholics have concluded he cannot really be Pope, and they solve the problem by "sedevacantism", i.e. by taking the position that the See of Peter is vacant. However, a far greater number of Catholics watches their Pope continually saying and doing these things, and draws the natural conclusion that the enemies of God cannot be so bad after all, which is what the Pope steadily seems to teach, in word and deed. Thus insanity becomes normal, and normal Catholics become insane. Or else, Satan is a good fellow. Logically, what would — or could — this Pope say to condemn Satan, if he met him?

The mind reels. It may turn away from the problem, but the problem will not go away. In the next issue of the Osservatore Romano, or the issue after that, there will continue to be such pictures and such speeches. Is there any solution between denying that the Pope is Pope on the one hand, and joining in the Satanic love-fest on the other hand?

The Society of St. Pius X believes so, and acts upon that belief, and with the grace of God bears fruits of Catholic sanity. Following Archbishop Lefebvre, it has always held the position that unless and until clear proof emerges that the apparent Pope is not really Pope, one must at least act as though he is. On the other hand, no Catholic can follow him in insanity like this homage to black magicians. To attempt to explain the fact of such insanity, various members of the Society may have various explanations.

From the stand-point of the Lord God, the insanity is surely a blindness which is a punishment of the persistent refusal of the Church's leaders to do His will instead of theirs, for instance to perform the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the way she has requested for the last sixty years. If you have still not read the Third Volume of Brother Michael's The Whole Truth About Fatima, get it and read it to obtain a flood of light on the present situation of the Church.

From the stand-point of men, the insanity may be seen as the logical conclusion of the mind-rot of liberalism which "liberates" the mind from its submission to reality. In religion, the key step is the acceptance of the principle of Religious Liberty, which unhooks the mind from any objective God and results in the melt-down of Catholicism. See the enclosed pink flyer which is designed to be an appetizer for Michael Davies' recent book, which is an excellent introduction to the whole subject. Notice in the Pope's address to the voodooists, section #4, how he rests his whole action and address upon the "inalienable right" of "freedom of religion." How weak his appeal to the black magicians to convert to Christianity! How sincere his hand-shake for them! With the principle of religious liberty, that is completely logical. He is following out sanely an insane principle. He is not clinically, but ideologically, insane. So he is melting down the Catholic Church.

But if you are still in doubt as to the ideological insanity of religious liberty, gift of Americanism to the Council as Michael Davies shows with all references to prove it, then see the enclosed yellow flyer, and if you are a man, come on one of the Doctrinal Sessions to be held at Winona this summer in order really to get under the hood of liberalism, Americanism, and modernism. With the help of God and never without, the Society of St. Pius X is lighting a candle in the darkness.

And what does it get for its pains? This Rome is intent upon breaking up the Society, a quite logical intention, because the Society is fitting into neither Rome's programme nor its time-table. Rome's programme is perfectly coherent: "We do want the fundamental views of Christianity and the liberal values dominant in today's world to be able to meet and make one another mutually fruitful", said Cardinal Ratzinger in November of last year in a remark quoted in both the Catholic World Report and 30 Days of January of this year (read either magazine if you must, but trust neither). To achieve this blend of Catholicism and liberalism the same Cardinal is ready to envisage re-molding the Papacy. The National Catholic Reporter of Feb. 26th last quotes him as saying, "The ministry of unity entrusted to Peter and his successors can be realized in very different ways. History offers examples of different styles. But they do not have to be repeated. Today we have to respond to different situations. But I wouldn't dare for a moment to say what the future possible practical realizations of the papacy might be."

On the contrary, the Chancellor of the United Nations University for Peace, Professor Robert Muller, quoted in the Fatima Crusader of winter 1993, does not hesitate to project such possible realizations: "Ecumenism is outmoded now. We must now move towards universal government, which will soon see the light of day, and under the impetus of John Paul II, who would be honoured if he gave the Church this programme."

Thus Catholicism having blended with liberalism under a re-molded Papacy is to integrate under a one world government into a universal religion which leaves ecumenism behind. This centuries-old plan of the secret societies is coming at last close to fulfillment.

As for the time-table of Rome, the one-worlders may be hurrying Rome on. Firstly, the prize of world dominion is coming very close, and they are eager to grasp it. Next, this Pope may have a cancer leaving him less than a year and a half to live, and a successor like the Jewish Cardinal Lustiger of Paris might be much less able to draw the old - fashioned Catholics after him. Besides, a dying Pope could promise them the moon which a successor could immediately take away again. Finally, it might be feared in Rome that the Society of St. Pius X will harden its position within a year or so.

Altogether, if Rome is to advance in comfort towards the Brave New World, now is the time to take out that dangerous pocket of resistance in its rear, the Society of St. Pius X. For if there were no Society, then all the decent Catholic souls presently made anxious at the Church's march towards the New World Order would have no alternative but to follow, whereas if the Society continues to show forth a Catholicism of Petrine Rock coming under no secular government, then souls have an alternative, and if Rome lurched too far too fast towards the One World, many souls might attach themselves to the alternative and make it altogether more formidable.

It all means the Society must be gotten to, and gotten to quickly. Which would explain some recent moves by Rome sketching out a deal whereby we might lose our excommunications if we would only accept to be more ecumenical, with a church building in Rome thrown in as carrot... hence maybe also the recent stick in the USA, or flurry of attacks, or was their close timing just a co-incidence?

The Wanderer and the Homiletic and Pastoral Review have accused the Society again of schism... Gentlemen of The Wanderer, Fathers of the Review, must you see in the Osservatore Romano a picture of the Pope shaking hands with Satan himself before you will admit that there is an emergency in the Church justifying obedience to God before obedience to men? Would you admit it even then?

And other adversaries of ours in the USA, wishing to accuse us of unfaithfulness, put forward a case to present fidelity as they see it. Bless him, Michael Davies wrote a long open letter in reply (available from SSPX headquarters in Kansas City) so utterly demolishing their case as to enable any reader to see fidelity for what it really is.

However, let nobody accuse Michael Davies of being in the Society's pocket! When I wrote recently to congratulate him on his book, he took the opportunity to relate with glee that he had just seen Wales defeat England in the Rugby International and he had seen it on television, to boot! Harumph! No doubt he was wearing slacks at the time! Mr. Davies, England must let Wales win sometimes, but thank you for your article and for your book! You must now be offending a number of your conservative friends, but the eyes of some may be opened by no amount of disaster. Long may the Society continue to have your support.

Lastly, a sweet little attack — a gentle lady writes two and a half plaintive pages to complain of being taken to task in somebody's Letters when she does not feel she should be — surely no need to specify. She concludes, "Though I know it means little to you, I do want to say I still like you in spite of differences and think highly of you in most respects, even if you are a bit bonkers." Don't tell her, anybody, the writer of the Letters went into bonkership years ago!

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For reductions on Northwest Airline tickets to and from the Priestly Ordinations at Winona this year on Saturday, June 19, ring Uniglobe of Wenonah collect, (507) 454-5505, Monday through Friday 8 am - 5 pm Central Time and they will assist you with your travel arrangements.

Dear friends, pray for the Pope, pray for the Holy Father, pray that he consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Most likely we have much more to live through yet, but prayer is our invisible strength and our unfailing consolation. Lord, let us lose all, but not you!

May He bless you and keep you.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

+Richard Williamson

L'Osservatore Romano; N. 6 - 10 February 1993


Church recognizes the `seeds of the Word' in other religions

"Christians, members of the traditional religion, and Muslims are called to roll up their sleeves and work together for the good of the country", Pope John Paul 11 told adherents of voodooism when he met them in Cotonou on 4 February. He spoke of the Church's respect for the "seeds of the Word" found in all religions, assuring them thatBenin's Catholics are eager to workwith all people of good will for the welfare of their country. The Pope spoke in French.

Dear Friends,

1. I am happy to have this opportunity to meet you, and I greet you most cordially. As you know, I have come to Benin first of all to visit the Catholic communities, in order to encourage them and confirm them in their faith. However, I have always considered contact with people belonging to different religious traditions an important part of my ministry.

Indeed, the Catholic Church looks favourably upon dialogue: dialogue with Christians of other Churches and ecclesial Communities, dialogue with believers of other spiritual families, and dialogue too with those who profess no religion. She wants to establish positive and constructive relationships with individuals and with the human groups of various faiths in view of a mutual enrichment.

2. The Second Vatican Council, which mapped out the Church's route for the end of this millennium, recognized that in the diverse religious traditions there is something true and good, the seeds of the Word. It encouraged Christ's disciples to discover "the riches which a generous God has distributed among the nations" (Ad gentes, n. 11).

These are the foundations for a fruitful dialogue, as the Apostle Paul declared to the first Christians: "Whatever is true, whatever is honourable, whatever is just, whatever ispure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence and if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things" (Phil 4:8 ). Everywhere our attitude is one of respect: respect for true values, wherever they may be found; respect especially for the person who seeks to live these values, helping to banish fear.

You have a strong attachment to the traditions handed on by your ancestors. It is legitimate to be grateful to your forebears who passed on this sense off the sacred, belief in a single God who is good, a sense of celebration, esteem for the moral life and for harmony in society.

3. Your Christian brothers and sisters, like you, appreciate what is beautiful in these traditions because like you, they are sons and daughters of Benin. However, they are equally grateful to their "ancestors in the faith",from theApostles to the missionaries, who brought them the Gospel. These missionaries let them learn the"GoodNews"thatGodisFather and has become close to people through his Son, Jesus Christ, the bearer of a joyful. message of liberation.

If we go back further into history, we see that the ancestors of these missionaries who came from Europe had themselves received the Gospel when they already had another religion and a worship. In receiving the message of God, they did not lose anything. On the contrary, they gained by knowing Jesus Christ and, by Baptism, through him they became sons and daughters of the God of Love and Mercy.

4. All this is done in freedom. Indeed, the Gospels emphasize that Jesus has never forced anyone.To the Apostles Christ said: "If you want to, follow me"; he told the sick, "If you will, you can be healed". Each person must freely and responsibly respond to God's call. The Church considers freedom of religion an inalienable right, a right which is accompanied by the duty to seek the truth. It is in an atmosphere of respect for the freedom of each person that interreligious dialogue can develop and bear fruit.

5. This dialogue is not directed solely towards the values of past or present. It also regards the future. It implies cooperation in order together to preserve and promote peace, liberty, social justice and moral values" (Nostra aetate,n. 3). Although these words of the Second Vatican Council are situated in a different context, they set out a programme for the believers of a country such as yours, where Christians and Muslin live side by side with members of the traditional African religion

In order to develop, Benin needsthe cooperation of all her children and no one can become closed in on himself. Christians, members of the traditional religion, and Muslims are called to roll up their sleeves and work together for the good of the country. This work of solidarity among believers is important for integral developement, justice and human liberation. It will be all the more effective if it is accompanied by ardent prayer to God, Creator and Father, source of all good. May every voice be joined to ask God to grant prosperity and peace to all the inhabitants of this beloved country!

As for me, be assured that I bear all your concerns and hopes to the Lord. May God bless you and all your families!

Voodooism (voodoo=deity) is a religion originating in West Africa (particularly Benin) that is also widely practiced in Haiti and the Antilles. It is characterized by various rites of homage to the "Great Master" or good God who is the creator of the spirits responsible for protecting human beings. The great God and the spriits are identified with the Christian God and the saints of teh Catholic Church. The calendar of Voodoo feast imitates that of Christan worship.

Voodoo ceremonies consist of rituals invokng the spirits and the great God and are marked by drums and songs accompanying an animal sacrifice. The rite culminates in a trance in which a ritual dancer is thought to be possessed by a divinity. Ceremonies are conducted by a man (hungan), or a woman (mambo), who are often knowledgeable about witchcraft as well.